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From asteroids to artificial intelligence, dinosaurs to DNA...

Since our start in 2018, A Scientist Walks into a Bar has interviewed experts in all sorts of topics. You can listen to and/or watch some of our past shows below.

Stephanie Smith - 9.11.20

We were joined by Stephanie Smith, a postdoctoral researcher at the Field Museum, will be on deck to talk about what bones are and how they work, the weirdest bones in fossil animals and mammals alive today, and why shrews are, in fact, the best animals.

Watch here.

Renée Hlozek and Kimmy Wu - 8.11.20

We chatted with cosmologists Renée Hlozek (University of Toronto) and Kimmy Wu (University of Chicago and Stanford) about the cosmic microwave background: electromagnetic radiation left over from the beginning of the universe.

Watch here.

Corrie Moreau - 5.12.20

We spoke with Corrie Moreau, an organismal evolutionary biologist at Cornell and our old colleague at the Field Museum. A true badass, Corrie studies the DNA of ants to learn about how species co-evolve.

Watch here.

Jingmai O'Connor - 4.21.20

A discussion with paleontologist Jingmai O'Connor on The Hideout's Twitch channel. Jingmai is a specialist on how dinosaurs evolved into birds, and helped discover a new family of creatures called "bat-wing dinosaurs."

Watch here.

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