About Us

Kate Golembiewski

Kate Golembiewski is a science writer and the host of A Scientist Walks into a Bar. She originally wanted to be a scientist herself until she realized that she hates titrating things; she got her Bachelor's in chemistry and French at Kalamazoo College and and her Master's in science writing from Johns Hopkins University. Kate is passionate about making science accessible and engaging for everyone regardless of their background, and her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Discover Magazine, National Geographic Voices, and Atlas Obscura.

By day, she writes about science for the Field Museum, where her poor sense of smell enables her to spend lots of time in the museum's flesh-eating beetle colony. Kate loves all animals except for great apes, which she finds creepy. Kate is from the Northwest Side and pronounces her last name "Goal-em-bess-key," because she is a bad Pole.

Noah Cruickshank

Noah is a writer and event organizer who produces (and occasionally manspreads into) A Scientist Walks into a Bar. Noah is the Communications Director at Forefront, Illinois' membership association for nonprofits, foundations, and their allies. Committed to nonprofit work for most of his career, Noah has built pop up bars, adult sleepovers, day-long festivals, and practically anything else you can imagine on behalf of mission-driven organizations.

Originally hailing from Canada, Noah has called Illinois his home for the last twenty years, receiving both a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Chicago. His last name is pronounced "KrOOk-shank", preferably in the most Scottish brogue you can muster.

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